Thayer Brook Partners is an investment management company operating systematic strategies in the most liquid exchange traded futures markets around the world. These strategies are directional and based on a culture of absolute return rather than performance relative to a benchmark. The highest emphasis is placed on risk management which is integral to our program. At Thayer Brook we understand that the hedge fund sector is an absolute return business. We also understand that today's investors demand liquidity and transparency, and we seek to provide both, with weekly liquidity terms for our funds, no lock-ups, and full disclosure of our methods.

The company was founded by Philip Stoltzfus (CEO) and Scott Ganis (COO) in October 2005. The firm has the backing of one of the largest Japanese banking groups and an experienced management team with extensive and diverse backgrounds in the investment industry. Our trading and operational infrastructure is of the highest institutional standards. Through our ongoing program of research and development it is our aim to build on this strong foundation, creating an investment group utilising the most sophisticated techniques for providing alpha generation and portfolio diversification solutions to the institutional investment community.