Thayer Brook is committed to absolute returns, and so our number one objective is to produce positive returns with strong risk/reward. In addition, we seek to deliver income streams that are non-correlated to major asset classes and other alternative investments, and to provide positive performance in raised volatility conditions and bear markets when most portfolios suffer.

Thayer Brook Partners' strategies are designed to capture significant trends in the markets we trade, while preserving capital in non-trending environments. Through the use of sophisticated models, we aim to identify which markets are demonstrating trending behaviour, and in which time frames trends are most persistent.

A risk management model is employed to detect momentum shifts that may signal the end or reversal of a trend. As a result, our strategies can deliver performance in both bull and bear markets, producing a positively convex return profile that is a valuable diversifier for most investment portfolios.

Although our strategies aim to control risk, there is still a risk of loss including the risk of a substantial drawdown. Thayer Brook employs the use of futures contracts in our strategies and the strategies are only available to Qualified Eligible Persons as defined in CFTC Regulation 4.7. The trading of futures is not suitable for all investors and involves the risk of loss which could be substantial. Such strategies must be considered only in light of your financial condition and your ability to withstand the risks involved.